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There are a number of guides for parents seeking objective information but many consider the Good Schools Guide to be the most authoritative. Its reports are based upon a rigorous independent appraisal, including an inspection and interviews with a range of current parents.

Highlights from the report

The only head we've come across where pupils gave an audible 'aaah' when asked for their views: 'the best head; respectful of us as pupils; makes the effort and knows all our names; you can have a conversation with him' Good Schools Guide

Pupils say the challenge grade system 'helps you get to where you want to be', and it certainly works, Ƶapp is in the top 10% nationally for value added. Good Schools Guide

'Pupils are well taught and achieve their academic potential' said a parent.  'It does its core purpose brilliantly', said another. Good Schools Guide

A parent told us this is not a school for those who want to fly under the radar and just get to the end of their schools days: 'the thing you do at this school is engage - it can be anything, there are endless opportunities. Good Schools Guide

A strong house system here with separate houses for day pupils and boarders.  A parent described their child's house as 'a refuge, not just a place to leave books'. Good Schools Guide

Parents choose Ƶapp because they feel it provides something more than an academic education: 'We want (them) to do well academically but not as an expression of everything else, we want them to be brought on as people'.  Seen then as a holistic educational experience by parents. Good Schools Guide


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